Instruments Care

Instrument care: Dental health professionals are on the front lines of the war against infection. The process we use to clean and sterilize your instruments & instruments care is one of your most important and effective tools to protect your instruments, your patients, and yourself. Instrument care is one of the most important things. Instruments must be properly taken care of if they are to function as they were intended, for as long as they were intended. A safe and efficient cleaning process will protect the investment we’ve made in high-quality dental instruments.

Package the Instruments

Instrument care: The last step before placing your instruments in the sterilizer is to package them with wraps or pouches. The package should be sealed to prevent exposure to the air when we remove your instruments from the sterilizer.

Load the Instruments Carefully

Instrument care: It can be tempting to try to squeeze as many instruments into each autoclave cycle as we can; however, overloaded sterilizers are the main cause behind failed sterilizations. Overloaded sterilizers take longer to reach the optimum temperature, and when items are packed too closely together, they may not come in contact with a sufficient amount of the sterilizing agent. 

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