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Wonderful instruments ! I am pretty Satisfied with Delivery & Quality.

Lahdo Jacob

The quality of the product is great. Great service. I am just trying to decide what to buy next!.


Good quality and reasonable price. Will come back again for future orders.

Dr. Sam

Best Quality Best Service Fast delivery highly recommended.

Wellcome to Medetool 

Surgical Dental Instruments, Best Dental and Surgical Instruments, Tools Supplier, and Retailer

Medetool-Online Store, Shop Surgical Dental Instruments. Medetool is one of the fastest-growing dental supply companies in the World. Our Surgical Dental Instruments Store Is a manufacturer/supplier of quality products. We not only sell on this website but also many other online stores. Our Surgical Dental Instruments Store has a large inventory on this website. Made in premium grade stainless steel with 100% Warranty. We deliver our products Globally with fast service.Dental products are quite expensive, limiting the scope of many medical students and lab operators. But we offer lab sets and individual products to all of them at low prices. If you buy the wrong item by mistake return is acceptable after apply T&C. Must contact us before return items, we shall guide you on how to do it.100% Money-back Guarantee. Simply leave us a message via the contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Connect with us for the latest updates please  Click Here

High-quality medical instruments for general surgery and diagnostics

Especially on surgical instruments, our focus lies on workmanship and the highest detail accuracy. Thus we may guarantee the highest quality at a valuable price. Our endoscopes are tested right before shipment on high-level functionality and tightness. This guarantees you a product of excellent quality.

CE certificated instruments for surgery

Instruments for surgery are used for reconstructive surgery, mammoplasty, and liposuction. We can offer you a wide range of more than 450 different surgical instruments for the field of plastic surgery. In co-operation with sub-suppliers, beauty clinics and surgeons for plastic surgery we enhance successively our instruments and also try to meet your special requirements.